Books and desserts, what’s better than that? Sweet Reads is our local bookery where you can enjoy delicious food while browsing and buying the extensive selection of books.

Sweet Reads emerged when a large corporation was trying to buy a local bankrupt bookstore. Nadia and Fatima al Hadid, recent graduates of the community college, decided to pool their savings and buy the bookshop before the corporation got to it. Soon, the young graduates owned a chop of their own. Both are also big baking enthusiasts and incorporated that into their bookstore business.

For the past three years, Sweet Reads has been an integral part of our community. In an interview with the owners, Fatima said that she will “always make sure that the store remains a safe space for anyone.”

And they have certainly delivered on that promise. The sisters have vowed to hire the people who are in most need of a job, and for more than minimum wage. Nadia said that “this is our way of giving back to the community who helped raise us.”

Sweet Reads is testament to the power of small businesses and their value to a community. It is so important that we find ways to support our community through local businesses.

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