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To help small businesses exclusively profit on a free and marketable platformOur mission

Who We Are

Helping you help your community

Our website is a food ordering website exclusively for small restaurants. The user can filter through restaurants based on: distance, price, cuisine, and delivery/pick-up. We also run a food blog where every month we feature a different small business. You can learn about the restaurant’s history and even receive a special discount with a code! In our maps tab, you can use google maps to find a restaurant closest to you.


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For small businesses to profit and gain a strong foothold in their communityOur vision

Other Local Businesses You Can Support


There are many small/local businesses that are selling stylish clothes that you can shop at.


During this time it is important to help researchers as their work is critical to saving lives.


Artists from many fields are still working thier hardest to display their talent to uplift others.


Without farmers and the essential work they do, we would all be in a much worse place.

Food Blog

Spice Up

Indian food is some of the spiciest and most delicious cuisines in the world...

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Sweet Reads

Books and desserts, what’s better than that? Sweet Reads is our local bookery where...

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The Jasmine Dragon

This tea shop has the best boba in town! Cooling down in summer with a cup of...

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How the Pho?

This amazing Vietnamese restaraunt with an amazing punny name is all the rage...

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