Indian food is some of the spiciest and most delicious cuisines in the world. Spice Up is one of the oldest local restaurants in our community but not many people know the quaint restaurant’s history.

Chandhra Rajasekharan came to our city when he was just a child. His parents had immigrated here hoping for a better life for their family and had established a small restaurant for work. This restaurant is what we know today as Spice Up.

The restaurant started as a tiny store mostly offering takeout whose staff was made up of the family. Soon, the food became more popular and food critics helped the business along. The restaurant expanded to a larger space with more seating room. They hired a few more family friends and even started catering.

Thirty years later, Chandhra has taken on the family business and Spice Up has become a dear part of our community.

When we asked how Chandhra felt about the connection to the community, he said that “Spice Up is a cultural hub, we invite everybody to try out the flavors of India. We provide comfort food and comfort in general, the staff of Spice Up are always there to help.”

We are so lucky to have such an amazing restaurant here in our community and will always be grateful for it.

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